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What is this course about?


Big Data and Hadoop Certification Training from Simplilearn is designed to ensure that you are job ready to take up an assignment in Big Data. This training not just equips you with essential skills of Hadoop 2.7, but also gives you the required work experience in Big Data Hadoop via implementation of real life industry projects spanned across 3 months.

Course gives you a unique offering of executing all the hand-on project work of Hadoop 2.7 with CloudLab – a cloud based Hadoop environment lab.


What are the course objectives?


By the end of Simplilearn’s training in Big Data & Hadoop, you will be able to:

  • Master the concepts of Hadoop 2.7 framework and its deployment in a cluster environment
  • Learn to write complex MapReduce programs
  • Perform Data Analytics using  Pig & Hive
  • Acquire in-depth understanding of Hadoop Ecosystem including Flume, Apache Oozie workflow scheduler, etc.
  • Master advance concepts of Hadoop 2.7 : Hbase, Zookeeper, and Sqoop
  • Get hands-on experience in setting up different configurations of Hadoop cluster
  • Work on real-life industry based projects using Hadoop 2.7

What is CloudLab feature offered by Simplilearn?


CloudLab is a cloud based Hadoop environment lab to ensure hassle free execution of all the hand-on project work with Hadoop 2.7.

With CloudLab, you will not require to install Hadoop using a virtual machine. Instead, you will be able to access already set up Hadoop environment lab using CloudLab. And hence you will not have to face following challenges related with Hadoop installation using virtual machine

  • Installation & system compatibility issues
  • Difficulties in configuring systems
  • Issues with Rights & permissions
  • Network slowdown & failure

You will be able to access CloudLab from Simplilearn LMS (Learning Management System). A video on introduction and how to use CloudLab is provided in Simplilearn LMS. You can also access this video from here- Video link. You will have access to CloudLab, throughout the timespan you have the Online Self Learning (OSL) access for the Big Data Hadoop Developer course.

What is the Expert Assistant Premium Support provided by Simplilearn ?


    Expert Assistance:

  • Mentoring Sessions: Live Interaction with a subject matter expert to help participants with queries regarding project implementation and the course in general
  • Guidance on forum: Industry experts to respond to participant queries on forum regarding technical concepts, projects and case-studies

    Teaching Assistance:

  • Project Assistance: Queries related to solving & completing Projects, case-studies which are part of Big Data Hadoop developer course offered by Simplilearn     
  • Technical Assistance: Queries related to technical, installation, administration issues in Big Data Hadoop Developer course. In case of critical issues, support will be rendered through a remote desktop.
  • Hadoop Programming: Queries related to Hadoop programming while solving & completing Projects, case-studies which are part of Big Data Hadoop developer course offered by Simplilearn     
  • CloudLab Support: Queries related to CloudLab while you are using CloudLab to execute projects, case studies and exercises of Big Data Hadoop Developer course offered by Simplilearn

How to avail the Support?
To avail the Support, submit a query to Simplilearn through any of following channels of Simplilearn’s Help & Support team. A Teaching Assistant will get in touch with you to assist with query resolution within 48 hours.



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